Development Course
 Development course
In 2008, we took initiative in the field of dental device. In January 2012, we successfully launched China's first dental CBCT. As a home-made product of high-end medical equipment, MEYER CBCT is qualified to be the first one for the dental radiology device in China. It applies large size, flat panel detector. Panoramic, CT and cephalometric scanning build up in one device. Patented pulse radiation technology reduces over 70 percent dose off. Performance and parameter index conforms to the international standards. Local high-resolution reconstruction and pulse X-ray generator reaches world leading level. In 2014, "3D digital dental CT" project won the Anhui Science and Technology Progress Award.
MEYER X-ray dental CBCT has been sold to 29 provinces and autonomous regions in China. Market share ranks the first in China. Meanwhile, MEYER CBCT also continuously contributes to the world dentistry, and has become accepted in the oversea market. MEYER , as a national brand,  it becomes a pride of high-end medical equipment in china’s dental industry.
Currently, Meyer is actively developing a series of full digital dental technology and equipment, including intraoral scanner, dental CAD software, dental CAM equipment and rapid prototyping processing equipment. We are working for a fast, efficient and economical all-digital solutions in the practice of implant, restoration, orthodontics.

 VCS and GHG
Speed up the progress of the localization rate in Home-made High-end Medical Equipment; 
In the future, MEYER will be heading for the set-up of a comprehensive dentistry data analysis platform, on which a digital dental practice solution can be further optimized and accomplished. We will continuously focus on completing chain of the digital dental medicare treatment. The digital dental equipment will be the starting point, deepen into the development of high-end medical industry and continue to develop precision surgical navigation, three-dimensional orthopedics CT, large-scale three-dimensional CT and other medical equipment to speed up the localization process of high-end medical equipment, and enhance the level of medical care to reward the society.