Technology Research
 Technology research
MEYER gathers more than 300 senior engineers engaged in R&D and technical support section, and more than 200 of them obtains master or doctoral degrees, and holding intermediate technician certificate. “Meyer” has been authorized to set up post-doctoral research station, national engineering technology research center, and national industrial technology research center. A series of associated labs in the fields of optics, precision machinery, electronic circuits, X-ray radiator, sensors, digital imaging has been built accordingly. The company undertakes a number of national research projects such as the National Major Scientific Equipment Development Project, and the National 863 Project. The products have won "The Second Prize of the National Awards of Science and Technology "and "The First and Second Prize of Anhui Science and Technology", and honored "The National Key New Product" and "The National Independent Innovation Product". The company has been awarded as "National Innovative Enterprise", "National Planning Program of Key Software Enterprise ".
MEYER people are rigorous, confident, realistic, and progressive. We always strive for the best and celebrate the triumph one after another; it shows a bright future of China's optoelectronic identification industry to the world.