<< Back "AI will be good helper of dentists," said Tian Ming, chairman of Meyer Optoelectronic

"Dental clinics and hospitals in the future must be intelligent, digital and interconnected," said Tian Ming, chairman of Meyer Optoelectronic on National Conference of Meyer Agencies.


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Several hundred medical images at least must be read every month in a dental clinic, downtown of Hefei. While long-time work like that will easily lead to missed diagnosis and misjudgement caused by tiredness and bad mood. “Although machines learn from statistics offered by human, they can do better than us in some ways because they will not be interrupted by bad mood. And misjudgement rate of machines is much less than that of human,” said Tian Ming.

Besides, even an experienced dentist can’t know all existing cases while AI can do that with its powerful ability to collect and analyze vast amounts of data. Based on the massive database of cases and images, AI technologies enable machine itself to diagnose and recommend treatment plans for patients, which greatly raise efficiency while ensuring accuracy.

Musey chairside restoration system

You might wonder what Meyer can do with so powerful AI intelligence. Meyer digital dental industry chain, for example, consists of digital imaging, digital scanning, digital prosthesis, and automatic diagnosis in the future.


Information sharing system needs to be built to promote the development of AI technologies

At present, separated dental clinics and hospitals don’t share data with each others while accumulated data from one single clinic or hospital is insufficient to be used in deep learning of machine. In addition, protecting privacy of patients is one another barrier to promote the deep learning of machines based on medical imaging data. Therefore, there is still a long way to go for intelligent diagnosis brought by deep learning which needs massive data.

“To make AI diagnosis catch up with professionals’, hundreds of thousands imaging data need to be collected to train machines. We’ve been seeking cooperation with excellent dental clinics to accelerate usage and popularization of AI in this field.” Tian Ming expressed his vision and resolution many times to enrich medical database through cooperation with more excellent clinics and hospitals.

Customers using Meyer dental CBCT

Widespread use of AI technologies help dentist work efficiently

There are reports that AI will rob job from radiologist and people worry about AI technologies will replace their jobs too. Actually, AI technologies isn’t meant to substitute but help dentists to do better. For examples, AI can help dentists to raise efficiency of judging medical imaging and laboratory report, and to offer service for more patients in the same time. With the improvement of technologies such as gene sequencing and gene diagnosis, AI will offer customized medical solutions for every patient based on his/her own gene sequence.

At present, expensive medical costs keeps patient away from doctors. It can be predicted that doctors can work more efficiently and people can see a doctor more frequently. Meyer will launch more AI products to embrace the new AI era.