Meyer CBCT applies cone beam technology. With self-developed DCTVIEWER software program, it can reconstruct a three-dimensional image after a single scan on oral maxillofacial region.  It can clearly display three-dimensional body maxillofacial anatomy and achieve any level of cutting, accurate measurement of distance, surface area, volume and contour outline. Meyer CBCT outputs standard DICOM 3.0 data of  the patient's mouth anatomy. It helps dentists accurately locate areas of surgery; analyze bone mass; determine the optimal implant direction; formulate and improve surgical options.
Compared with conventional CT, Meyer CBCT is low cost, small footprint, low-dose, fast imaging, high resolution, easy operation.
The machines consists of X ray tube assembly, beam limiting device, detector, lateral detector (optional), cephalometic scanning system(optional), screening system, and monitor.
When the machine is working, X-ray tube assembly mounted in the spiral arms initiates a 360 degrees circular digital projection around the target with a lower amount of radiation. The image panel obtains the projected image shot from mutii-angles. These digital exposure "intersection" data are then transfer to the computer for processing. Tomographic image reconstruction software system finally generates it into three-dimensional tomographic images of the irradiation target object .

 Mixed-mode radiation: Low-dose pulse radiation;
 High Voxel Reconstruction:FOV 3X4   70µm;
 Special algorithm for Metal Artifact Reduction;
 The most advanced technology for X-ray conversion,  cesium iodide directly filmed on the surface of the sensor, to ensure ultra-high-definition images;
 Software runs perfectly with PACS used in china  hospitals.  Optional software customized to specific use with completely independent intellectual property rights; 
 Flexible configuration and upgrades values for money, and short term for ROI; 
 A global community of after sales network helpful for setup local service;